Year 2020

Battling the unseen enemy


As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe early this year, microbiologist Dr. John Schoggins was completing a coronavirus study he had started more than two years ago.

Cracking the TB code


COVID-19 has drawn the world’s attention to the dangers of infectious diseases that can quickly kill thousands.

An investigator on the trail of killer viruses


Dr. Trish Perl has traveled the world advising nations and health care workers during contagious disease outbreaks.

Pathogenic invaders


An arms race is underway in the gut microbiome between commensal microbiota and invasive bacterial pathogens as UT Southwestern researcher Dr. Vanessa Sperandio watches the action on the front lines.

Honors times four


The National Academy of Sciences this year elected four UT Southwestern Medical Center scientists.

Space-age science


Dr. Benjamin Levine’s career reads like an adventure novel.

Close encounters of the 3D kind


Scientists trying to see small features in large tissue samples know it's a time-consuming, often frustrating task.

Structural integrity


A world-renowned structural biologist and an equally esteemed scientist specializing in biochemical function combine their strengths to build lasting insights – and overcome challenges.

Brain power to the max


Whole brain microscopy allows researchers to peer inside neurons at the deepest cellular levels – and faster than ever before.

A head for brain science


Research and compassion meet in Dr. William Dauer, Director of UT Southwestern’s O’Donnell Brain Institute.