Winter 2020

A head for brain science

Research and compassion meet in Dr. William Dauer, Director of UT Southwestern’s O’Donnell Brain Institute.

Maximum attraction

New Advanced Imaging Director drawn to latest upgrades for MRI facility

Less than skin deep

Bacteria-killing protein on epidermis needs dietary vitamin A to work.


Structural integrity

A world-renowned structural biologist and an equally esteemed scientist specializing in biochemical function combine their strengths to build lasting insights – and overcome challenges.

Core Competencies

Brain power to the max

Whole brain microscopy allows researchers to peer inside neurons at the deepest cellular levels – and faster than ever before.



19 UTSW researchers make ‘most highly cited’ list; awards for Mendell, Schmid

Behind the Research

Back from the dead

UT Southwestern molecular biologist conducts high-risk, high-reward research on pseudoenzymes.


Answer: 500 tons

Think you know the question? Find out

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