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Winter 2019

Breakthrough after breakthrough

Like the fictional Sherlock Holmes, UT Southwestern biochemist Dr. Zhijian “James” Chen approaches scientific mysteries by applying his keen observational skills and an uncanny ability to follow clues to their logical, satisfying conclusions.

C(PRIT) into the future

Backed by a $6 million Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas grant, UT Southwestern researchers are teaming up to study how radiation activates the immune system to fight cancer.

Viral avenger

Dr. Julie Pfeiffer’s refusal to back down from a challenge pays off in her studies of poliovirus.


Another first

UT Southwestern’s first Allen Distinguished Investigator, 17th member of the National Academy of Medicine, and more


A new twist on CRISPR technology

Dr. John Schoggins uses CRISPR technology to screen for proteins involved in the body’s defense against flaviviruses.

Core Competencies

Gut check

Introducing the Microbiome Research Laboratory, a new campus resource for in-depth study of intestinal bacteria.

Behind the Research

Following research – and life – where it leads

Dr. Lu Le earned international recognition for figuring out why mice – and possibly people – get gray hair and go bald as they age.


Answer: $3 million

Think you know the question? Find out

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