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Spring 2019

Heavy hitter takes on good fat, bad fat

For years, everyone viewed body fat as unhealthy. Dr. Scherer’s research changes that thinking.

Metabolism and malignancy

Tracking the fuel that cancer cells devour to grow

Double-duty drug discovery

Identifying potential pharmaceuticals with action against cancer and heart disease


Life as he knows it

A conversation with Nobel Laureate Dr. Johann “Hans” Deisenhofer

Core Competencies

Internal affairs in the Metabolic Phenotyping Core

UTSW research facilities offer advanced techniques and equipment.


‘Triple Crown’ of diabetes research awards

Scherer wins on three continents and Endocrine Society honors Hobbs, Mendelson

Behind the Research

The coming epidemic?

NAFLD could soon become the leading cause of liver transplants.


Answer: 30.3 million

Think you know the question? Find out

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