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Issue: March 2018

Beyond the resolution revolution

When Drs. Sandra Schmid and Michael Rosen began planning UT Southwestern's cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) facility, they shared a vision: They wanted the University to use the new technology as soon as it attained atomic resolution.

Proteins shaping up

The first structures solved in UT Southwestern Medical Center's new $22.5 million cryo-EM facility and published in the prestigious journal Nature grew out of a dynamic collaboration.

All together now: $5.5M CPRIT grant

UT Southwestern Medical Center's cryo-electron microscopy facility runs 24/7, and a new CPRIT grant will help make technology available to more campus researchers.

New 3-D fluorescence microscopes: Built from scratch, made for speed

The study of living cells in three dimensions has been critically limited by the slow acquisition speeds of current 3-D fluorescence microscopes. UT Southwestern researchers are inventing instruments to overcome those barriers.


Research that drives innovation

UT Southwestern's recent honors include ranking fifth in the world in research cited in third-party patent applications and joining the global effort to map human cells.

Core Competencies

Expanding at the core

UT Southwestern's High-Throughput Screening Core has expanded to encompass more than 330,000 chemical compounds and an arrayed CRISPR gene-editing library.

Behind the Research

A meeting of the minds

Those who know Dr. Josep Rizo can understand his fascination with the brain. After all, he's a man of more than two minds – equally at home in neuroscience, in art, and in chess, to name a few.


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