4.7T Agilent (Varian) 

4.7T MR imaging system
4.7T MR imaging system

The Agilent (Varian) 4.7 T MR imaging system has two sets of gradient coils; a 29 cm horizontal bore capable of generating 8 G/cm gradients and a second set with 12 cm bore which can generate 22 G/cm gradients for high-resolution images. Standard pulse sequences include EPI, multi-slice/multi-echo, gradient echo, multiple-quantum-filtered, cardiac- and respiratory-gating, FLASH, and STIR sequences.

Several commercial and homebuilt NMR coils are available including 6 cm and 12 cm i.d. quadrature birdcage coils for imaging and multiply-tuned probes for spectroscopy. It is equipped with actively shielded gradients, and multiple RF probes are available for 19F/1H, 13C/1H, etc.

MR compatible physiological monitoring systems and pulse oximeters are available to monitor arterial oxygenation (SaO2) and heart rate (e.g., SA Instruments Model 1025 MR-compatible Small Animal Monitoring and Gating System, including heater).

Investigators are trained to undertake investigations themselves. 

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