Protein Chemistry Technology Core: Peptide Synthesis


We have two multiple peptide synthesizers that can synthesize up to 48 peptides simultaneously at scales of 25 µmol, 50 µmol, or 100 µmol.

Our Perseptive Biosystems Pioneer and Applied Biosystems 433 synthesizers can synthesize one or two peptides at scales of 0.1 µmol or 0.25 mmol and are the preferred instruments for the stepwise synthesis of peptides longer than 20 residues, using Fmoc chemistry.

We also have an Applied Biosystems 430 synthesizer optimized for the synthesis of polypeptides up to 100 residues, using t-Boc chemistry. We are also equipped for synthesizing small proteins using native chemical ligation technology.

Delivery and Purity

Turnaround time is usually seven days for crude peptides and 7-10 days for purified peptides. All peptides are delivered with a mass spec analysis and a reversed-phase HPLC chromatogram to confirm purity and identity.

Crude peptides are delivered as a dried powder; percentage purity usually depends on the sequence being synthesized. Minimum purity for crude material will be 70 percent.

Purified peptides will be at least 95 percent pure, confirmed by the accompanying reversed-phase HPLC profile. The pure material will be characterized by a mass spectrum and delivered as a lyophilized powder.

Typical Yields

Scale (µmol)CrudePurified
25 5-50 mg 1-10 mg
50 10-100 mg 2-20 mg
100 20-200 mg 4-40 mg
250 50-500 mg 10-100 mg