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Core Pricing Information

Animal Models Core

InvestigatorsProcessing and Handling FeeNote
UTSW $100 The recipient pays all shipping charges.
Non-UTSW $150

Physiology Core


Due to high demand the turnaround time may vary. To request an approximate turnaround time please send number of samples and arrival date to Johanne Pastor via

Klotho Assay SerumPlasmaUrine
UTSW $12 $15
Non-UTSW Funded Academic Research $14 $17
Non-Academic $17 $20
The condition of all submitted samples must be pre-approved by Johanne
Capillary ElectrophoresisPrice per SampleTurnaround Time
UTSW $6 2–4 weeks
Instrument maintenance or scheduling may delay processing
Non-UTSW $10
Chemistry PanelPrice per SampleNote
UTSW $10 First-come basis
Non-UTSW $20

Cell Biology & Imaging Core

Confocal Microscope

Training is a flat fee of $40.

Time slotUTSWNon-UTSW
Peak Hours 7 a.m.–7 p.m.
$10/hour $20/hour
Off Peak Hours 7 p.m.-7 a.m. Mon–Fri/
Weekends/UTSW Holidays
$2/hour $5/hour

Clinical and Translational Core

Service(s) RequestedPrice
Consultation $200 Flat Fee 
Initial IRB Regulatory document (e.g., Consents, HIPAAs, Flyers) preparation/eIRB submission to UTSW IRB and performance sites including response to stipulation(s) for final approval.     $2,000 Flat Fee
Study Specific Source Document Development $20/page
eIRB Modifications $40/Hour 
eIRB SAE reporting $50 Flat Fee per submission and $20 for each follow-up submission
Sponsor SAE reporting $80 Flat Fee per submission and $30 for each follow-up submission
Annual Renewal Submission $100 Flat Fee per submission 
Study Closeout $200 Flat Fee
Data collection for phenotyping human research subjects $20/Hour
Training in methods of clinical and translational research including protocol development, human research subject, and institutional review board documentation $100/Hour

Patient Management

Collect Blood (Phlebotomy)  $30/collection $40/collection
Process Blood  $10/collection $20/collection
Collect Urine $20/collection $30/collection
Process Urine $10/collection $20/collection
Exam Room usage
Contact Martha Cruz to reserve exam room:
$20/hr N/A
ABPM $100/Test $130/Test
FMD $300/Test $400/Test
PWV $200/Test $300/Test
Central Aortic Pressure $100/Test $125/Test
Iothalamate Assay $7/Assay $9/Assay
Creatinine Assay* (refer to Physiology Core) $6/Assay   $10/Assay
Study participant recruitment and management $60/Hour $80/Hour
Impedimed SFB7
Description: This is a whole body multifrequency bioimpedance spectroscopy device that is FDA approved for measurements of body composition in healthy individuals. The device provides measurements of total body water, extracellular water, intracellular water, fat mass, fat-free mass, and body mass index based on input measurements of height, weight, age, and sex. Leads are placed on the ipsilateral hand, foot, ankle, and wrist with measurements available within seconds
Device: $100/day
Supplies: $5 per lead
Device: $200/day
Supplies: $10 per lead
Cheetah Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Monitor (NICOM)
Description: This device utilizes impedance cardiography to obtain measurements of cardiac output (and index) and mean arterial pressure so that peripheral vascular resistance (and index) can be measured. The device simultaneously measures stroke volume (and index), heart rate, stroke volume variation, and thoracic fluid content. Leads are placed on shoulders and trunk while brachial artery cuff is placed. All measurements are available after a 3- to 5-minute calibration period.
Device: $100/day
Supplies: $150 per lead
Device: S200/day
Supplies: $150 per lead

*Can be expedited for $15/Assay