Request Core Services

All core service/order requests are entered within our iLab core facilities page, an online system to streamline the ordering and billing for our core service/orders. All users must have an iLab account in order to request/order from any of our cores.

NIH Requirements

Per the NIH requirements all users must have a kidney-related research project with relevance to the scientific themes of the Research Core:

  • Genetics and Development
  • Renal Physiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Kidney disease

Animal Models Core service request require your NIH biosketch (latest version). Please NIH biosketch to Leah Taylor.

UT Southwestern users must have external funding. This can be federal (e.g., NIH, VA, NSF), foundation (e.g., AHA, ADA, ASN, NKF), or industry.

Register for an Account

Non-UTSW Users UTSW Users
Register using our iLab Core Facilities Register using your UTSW credentials in our iLab Core Facilities page.

iLab will generate a welcome email within 1-2 business days. The system will enable you to place service/order request, provide required approvals, contact core contacts, and monitor progress.

Already have an iLab Core Facilities Account

Request Services/Order from any one of our Cores:
Animal Models  Physiology Cell Biology, Pathology and Imaging Clinical and Translational
Non-UTSW User: Log in using iLab credentials
UTSW User: Log in using institution login and password
Each core has an Order Request or Request Services tab for your service request/order

Instructions for UTSW Principal Investigators

If you have researchers who use the Core’s services, you may receive email requests from researchers wishing to join your group. Here’s how to approve the requests.


  1. Navigate to the core facilities page: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  2. Use your UT Southwestern credentials to log into iLab
  3. Once logged in, look for the link in the left-hand menu that says “my labs.” Hover over and select your lab.
  4. Set the auto-approval amount if you do not wish to approve service requests below a certain dollar amount. To do this, select the “Members” panel and enter a dollar amount in the “Auto Pre-Approval” amount and click “Save Settings.”
  5. To approve lab membership requests, select the “Membership Requests & Institution SubLedgers” tab. New membership requests will show at the top of this page. Click “Approve” to accept a member into your lab. Click “Reject” if they are not a member of your lab.
  6. To assign SubLedgers to a member of your lab, find the member in the above list where it says, “Manage SubLedgers.” Select the checkbox(es) to the right of their name for the SubLedger(s) you wish to assign them. Leah Taylor your financial manager's name if you would prefer to delegate these notification/approvals to your delegated financial manager.