Cell Biology, Pathology and Imaging Core

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Our Services

Imaging Services

We provide training and equipment for static and live confocal imaging with the Ziess LSM 880 with Airyscan and provide services to assist with data acquisition and interpretation.


We provide tissue embedding, sectioning and staining optimized for renal tissue at a reduced cost. We provide in situ hybridization for kidney as well.

MRI Services

We offer Anatomic, Arterial Spin Labeling, Blood-Oxigenation-Level Dependent, and Diffusion-Weighted Imaging modalities for kidney and heart.


Pathologic evaluation in animal models for kidney structural abnormalities, quantification of fibrosis and inflammation, and quantitative assessment of glomerular pathology.

Pricing Information

Confocal ImagingProcess and Hadling FeeNote
UTSW $10/hour Static or Live imaging

Non-UTSW $20/hour
Confocal Training Process and Handling Fee
UTSW $40
Non-UTSW $80

Histology Pricing

Processing and Embedding
Paraffin Sectioning +/- Stain 
Frozen Sectioning +/- Stain 
Basic Supplies 
Tissue Harvesting and Preparation 

Coming Soon

Axially swept light-sheet microscopy

Mouse kidney sections at various ages: control, cisplatin-treated, or IRI injured tissue for use in histology, immunostaining, or RNA in situ  hybridization.

Imaging mass cytometry

Currently in optimization stages. We are tailoring it for many kidney-specific antigens.

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