Cell Biology & Imaging Core

Cell Biology & Imaging Core sample image

The objectives of the Cell Biology and Imaging Core are to provide high quality histopathologic and scientific support for research projects by localizing proteins and/or mRNAs in tissues and cultured cells, and to offer pathology support. The Core maintains a library of wild-type murine embryos and adult tissues embedded in paraffin for use by O'Brien Center investigators. The lab also maintains bright-field, dark-field, phase-contrast, epifluorescence, and confocal microscopes.

Cell Biology and Imaging Core Services

Request Services:

  • Imaging of rodent kidney and heart including functional MRI
    • Consultation with Dr. Masaya Takahashi
    • Investigators are responsible for time reserved on the magnet.
      • Apparent diffusion coefficient (fibrosis)
      • Arterial spin labeling (blood flow)
      • BOLD (oxygenation) Na MRS
  • Pathology
    • Processing of tissues for routine paraffin embedding
    • Detailed paraffin and cryo-microtomy
    • Standard histologic stains and special stains
    • Immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization
    • Kidney pathology
    • Single tubule isolation and immunocytochemistry
    • Laser microdissection

Schedule Equipment:

  • Zeiss LSM 880 Meta Confocal Microscope
    • Training provided for the following:
      • Image Fixed Cells
      • Image Live Cells
      • Zen Software
Stained tissue slices