Core Services

We provide investigators with specialized tools, expertise, and animal models to study kidney development, physiology, and pathophysiology. Our cores are as follows:

Core A Animal Models

  • Generates kidney specific mouse lines
  • Distributes existing lines
  • Assists investigators to generate CRISPR deletions, reporter and Cre lines.
  • Training in ischemia-reperfusion injury and 5/6th nephrectomy

Core B Physiology

  • Measurements of serum and urine chemistries
  • Clearance studies
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Klotho assays
  • Tubule microdissection
  • Electrophysiology

Core C Cell Biology, Pathology & Imaging

  • Provides various equipment and training for state-of the-art imaging (e.g. Confocal, MRI).
  • Provides histology services
  • Provides assistance with pathology interpretation

Core D Clinical Translational

  • Provides consultations
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Research personnel (biostatisticians, research nurses, study drug dispensation personnel, coordinators) to facilitate clinical and translational kidney and cardiovascular research.