XF-24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer (Seahorse Bioscience)

The XF-24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer simultaneously measures the oxygen consumption rate and the extracellular acidification rate of cultured cells, reflecting the rate of aerobic respiration and lactic acid production via glycolysis, respectively. These measurements use real-time bioenergetics to measure mitochondrial function in intact cells.

The plate accommodates 24 individual wells. Up to four different test compounds (e.g. 2-DG, FCCP, 2,4-DNP, rotenone) can be injected separately into each well.

The instrument detects real-time alterations in cellular metabolism (with a CO2/O2/H three analyte detection capability). The system can also perform label-free, non-destructive measurements, which allow the cultured cells to be used for further assays.

XF assay takes at least four hours. Data will be provided by the next day.


Two different sets of services are available. In both cases, the Core Facility will provide all XF consumables, prepare the XF cartridge, and run the assay.

$250 per experiment

User will:

  • Design experiment
  • Create XF assay template
  • Plate cells
  • Analyze data

Core Facility will:

  • Perform media exchange
  • Send data by email

$375 per experiment

User will:

  • Provide cells
  • Offer basic info for experimental design or goal of experiment

Core Facility will:

  • Plate and grow cells for XF assay
  • Assist with experiment design
  • Create XF assay template
  • Perform media exchange 
  • Perform data analysis
  • Generate data summary and send by email