Usage Fees

    Academic or BioCenterIndustry
Vitros 250  
ALB, ALKP, ALT, AST, BUN, BuBc, Ca, CHOL, CK, Cl, ECO2, GLU, K, LDH, Na, PHOS, TBIL, TP, TRIG $1.75/sample $3.50/sample $5.25/sample
Mg, Uric $2.50/sample $5/sample $7.50/sample
CREA, GGT, LAC $3/sample $6/sample $9/sample
LIPA $6.25/sample $12.50/sample $18.75/sample
dHDL, AMYL, Fe $7.25/sample $14.50/sample $21.75/sample
Li, CRP, UPRO   $15.50/sample $23.25/sample
Luminex 100 (multiplex)  
Cytokines   ~ $4,120/plate ~ $6,180/plate
Adiponectin, Resistin, Ghrelin, GIP $875/plate $1,750/plate $2,625/plate
Insulin, Leptin, Amylin $772/plate $1,544/plate $2,316/plate
Free Fatty Acid   $6.20/sample $9.30/sample
Glucagon, GLP-1 $1,135/plate $2,270/plate $3,405/plate
Metabolic Cage Study
Block of 12 cages   $1,500/block $2,250/block
Body Compositions
Per animal $3/mouse $6/mouse $9/mouse
Tissue Extractions  
Triglyceride $18/sample $36/sample $54/sample
Cholesterol $18/sample $36/sample $54/sample
Sphingolipid Profiling LC-MS/MS**
10-sample batch $90/sample $180/sample $360/sample
15-sample batch $80/sample $160/sample $320/sample
20-sample batch $70/sample $140/sample $280/sample
30-sample batch $60/sample $120/sample $240/sample
50-sample batch $50/sample $100/sample $200/sample

*Additional fees apply for plate setup. If you do not see the pricing for an analyte you want to run, please contact Estelle Anuwe or Xiaoli Lin.

**For details about sample submission procedures, please email Ruth Gordillo.