Body Compositions

Bruker Minispec mq10

The Bruker Minispec mq10 measures body composition, including fat mass, lean tissue mass, free water, and total body water; the scan takes two minutes. Data analysis is automated and numeric results are stored in spreadsheet format. Mice do not need to be anesthetized.

Scheduling is recommended but not required. Located on South Campus. Mice cannot be transported from this location back to animal facilities.

Cost is $3 per mouse for UT Southwestern investigators.


The EchoMRI-100™ is a QNMR system that provides precise measurements of whole-body composition: body fluids, total body fat, lean mass, and total body water in live mice up to 130 grams. Each scan takes 2 minutes and no anesthesia is required.

The EchoMRI is in the NG facility on North Campus. The cost is $3 per mouse. Please contact the core to schedule a scan.

Only mice currently housed in the NG barrier are eligible to be scanned by this machine. All other mice must use the Bruker Minispec on South Campus.

MicroCT Scanner

The eXplore Locus in vivo MicroCT scanner from GE Healthcare delivers high-quality volumetric images with low dosing to support demanding longitudinal studies. 

Mice are anesthetized for the duration of the scan, which takes 10-30 minutes, depending on the resolution. Analysis takes about a day to complete and will be done by the core.

  • Higher image quality for accurate quantification and visualization
  • Reliable performance
  • In-depth bone analysis
  • Tissue imaging
  • 3D visualizations

The MicroCT scanner is located in the JA mouse facility on South Campus. The cost is $50 per hour or partial hour of scanning time. Please contact the core to schedule an appointment. 

Only mice currently housed in barrier facilities are eligible to be scanned by this machine. Mice can be transported via the Animal Resource Center between NG and JA.