Human retinal pigment epithelial cells migrating through a three-dimensional collagen extracellular matrix. Vimentin, a powerful marker for the epithelial to mesenchymal transition in cancer, is shown in magenta, and microtubules in green.

The Microscopy Innovation Lab is the product of a highly collaborative research environment at UT Southwestern, and many of the technologies were originally developed in the Danuser and Fiolka Labs.  Below is a list of publications that describe these technologies, and their applications.

  • Real-time multi-angle projection imaging of biological dynamics. Bo-Jui Chang et al., Nat. Methods.
  • Pre-complexation of talin and vinculin without tension is required for efficient nascent adhesion maturation. Sangyoon J. Han et al., Elife.
  • Actin-membrane release initiates cell protrusions. Erik S. Welf et al., Dev. Cell.
  • A versatile oblique plane microscope for large-scale and high-resolution imaging of subcellular dynamics. Etai Sapoznik et al., Elife.
  • Proline rich 11 (PRR11) overexpression amplifies PI3K signaling and promotes antiestrogen resistance in breast cancer. Kyung-min Lee et al., Nat. Comm.
  • Converting lateral scanning into axial focusing to speed up three-dimensional microscopy. Tonmoy Chakraborty et al., Light: Sci & Appl.
  • Systematic and quantitative comparison of lattice and Gaussian liht-sheets. Bo-Jui Chang et al., Opt. Express.
  • Extended depth of focus multiphoton microscopy via incoherent pulse splitting. Bingying Chen et al., Opt. Express.
  • Light-sheet microscopy of cleared tissues with isotropic subcellular resolution. Tonmoy Chakraborty et al., Nat. Methods.
  • Robust and automated detection of subcellular morphological motifs in 3D microscopy images. Meghan K Driscoll et al., Nat. Methods.
  • An image-based assay to quantify changes in proliferation and viability upon drug treatment in 3D microenvironments. Vasanth S Murali et al., BMC Cancer.
  • Nuclear positioning facilitates amoeboid migration along the path of least resistance. Jörg Renkawitz et al., Nature.
  • Enhanced Dendritic Actin Network Formation in Extended Lamellipodia Drives Proliferation in Growth-Challenged Rac1P29S Melanoma Cells. Ashwathi S Mohan, et al., Dev. Cell.
  • Universal light-sheet generation with field synthesis. Bo-Jui Chang, et al., Nat. Methods.
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  • A bright cyan-excitable orange fluorescent protein facilitates dual-emission microscopy and enhances bioluminescence imaging in vivo. Jun Chu et al., Nat. Biotechnol.
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