Microscopy Innovation Lab

Mission Statement

The UT Southwestern Microscopy Innovation Lab seeks to leverage rapid transformative developments in light microscopy by fast tracking the introduction of cutting-edge light microscope instrumentation to the UT Southwestern Research community and through the development of custom microscopes designed to address the unmet needs of campus researchers.

The pace of development in the field of optical microscopy far outstrips the rate at which technology can be commercialized and delivered to the greater biological community. Thus, biologists everywhere lack transformative cutting-edge imaging technologies, while many societally pressing health issues continue to claim precious human lives. The Microscopy Innovation Lab at UT Southwestern Medical Center was founded in 2018 to eliminate this delay by developing instrumentation that addresses specific biological questions, or by replicating technologies invented elsewhere but not commercially available. By interfacing with the UT Southwestern Quantitative Light Microscopy Core, the Microscopy Innovation Lab will be able to bring these developments to a large user base throughout basic and clinical science departments on campus and throughout the state of Texas. We hope to generate a collaborative ecosystem, whereby advances in microscopy inspire new biological questions, which in turn drive the development of new and biologically inspired imaging techniques.