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BvB Dallas

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Eight people in a row wear masks and present a check in front of a UT Southwestern building
BvB Dallas members present a check at UT Southwestern.

BvB Dallas continues to support Alzheimer’s disease research and clinical care at UTSW. Its latest gifts include $80,000 to support Dr. Bhavya Shah’s research on the use of focused ultrasound to potentially diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Shah’s investigations in mouse models could someday lead to human clinical trials. An additional gift of $136,750 supports a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology for Alzheimer’s disease, which will help address the national shortage of qualified practitioners to assist patients and families affected by dementia. This is the third two-year fellowship BvB has funded that makes it possible for UTSW to recruit the best and brightest clinician-researchers to the field of Alzheimer’s disease clinical care and research. Ongoing funding enables UTSW to continue the legacy of this program and become a model national training program, ensuring talented, young professionals are prepared for careers in the field.