2018 Article Archive

‘Brain on Fire’ cases epitomize benefits of dual-trained doctors


Although awareness of autoimmune encephalitis has improved since the “Brain on Fire” book published in 2012, some doctors anticipate the demand will only grow for combined training in neurology and psychiatry.

UT Southwestern leads the way in single-incision surgery


UT Southwestern Medical Center this week became the first hospital in Texas to perform single-incision, robotic surgery.

Teen plastic surgery driven by app filters not always possible


Apps that manipulate images to extremes or unrealistically may be fun but may not be realistic.

UTSW scientists solve longtime mystery in innate immunity


Dr. Zhijian “James” Chen investigated another immune system pathway that involves the NLRP3 protein, which is instrumental in the cell’s assembly of the multiprotein complex called the inflammasome.

Danger may lurk as we scoot


Medical professionals are seeing more and more injuries to those riding electric scooters.

Flu shot continues to be best seasonal defense


An annual vaccination – received as early as possible in the fall – is the single best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family

Security checkpoints may pose infection risk


Research suggests that surfaces at airport security stations – specifically the plastic trays everyone is required to place their personal items in – are potentially teeming with germs and bacteria.

Holiday disconnect: Go offline to rejuvenate


Remaining constantly available and on call via phone and email during times set aside to get away from career pressures and everyday schedules keeps you on edge, which can detract from allowing your mind to have a break.

Don’t let fear of concussions keep kids out of sports


Not everyone who hits their head ends up with a concussion, and the vast majority of concussions do not result in CTE.

Research to help children and adults with autism showing promise


Autism-related social deficits may be able to be corrected well into adulthood.