2017 Article Archive

Awards for June 2017


Federal, non-federal, and industry-sponsored grants awarded to UT Southwestern faculty in June 2017.

UT Southwestern researchers find link between backup immune defense, mutation seen in Crohn’s disease


Could backup immune defense, Crohn’s disease be linked?

CRI scientists increase our understanding of the genetic basis of neuropsychiatric disorders


A study by scientists at the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) is providing insight into the genetic basis of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Hamon Center researcher to lead international ‘dream team’ on regenerative heart medicine


Regeneration specialists at UT Southwestern Medical Center will join a “dream team” of international researchers seeking ways to regenerate damaged heart muscle in heart failure patients.

Even small weight gain is bad for the heart


Modest weight gains – even among those who aren’t overweight – can cause dangerous changes to the heart, but small amounts of weight loss can improve the condition, new research from UT Southwestern Medical Center cardiologists shows.

Inaccurate respiratory rates could impact patient safety, researchers say


Patients’ respiratory rates are often not accurately recorded in the hospital, researchers in UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Center for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research have found.

Study: Eating at ‘wrong time’ affects body weight, circadian rhythms


Scientists have more evidence that the time of day we eat is more critical to weight loss than how much we eat.

Do breathing issues hamper exercise in overweight preteens?


Do overweight children have more breathing limitations, intolerance for exercise, and breathlessness when exercising than normal weight children, leading to possible misdiagnosis for conditions such as asthma?

Researchers report chemical reaction with potential to speed drug development


Chemists have long sought to develop new reactions for the direct conversion of simple hydrocarbon building blocks into valuable materials such as pharmaceuticals in a way that dependably creates the same chemical bonds and orientations. UT Southwestern researchers have hit upon a novel way to do that.

Medical students shine during new curriculum’s Clerkship phase


One of the defining elements of the new UT Southwestern Medical School curriculum is that the students now begin clinical work much earlier in the four-year program.