2017 Article Archive

Biochemist honored as Blavatnik Award finalist


UT Southwestern Medical Center biochemist Dr. Benjamin Tu, known for his work on the relationship between fundamental cellular processes and metabolism, today was named a finalist in the 2017 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists.

Scientists ID 100 memory genes, open new avenues of brain study


Scientists have identified more than 100 genes linked to memory, opening new avenues of research to better understand memory processing in the human brain.

UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Candidates for Degrees


Candidates for degrees from the UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in June 2017.

Dr. Kevin Yi: TAFP Dallas Chapter Outstanding Graduate Award


Dr. Kevin Yi was just 6 years old when his parents immigrated to the United States from China to chase the American dream. Starting over in a new country taught him the value of a good education and the importance of serving others.

Dr. Jonathan Xia: Endocrine Society Medical Student Achievement Award


Given the rising obesity epidemic in the United States, it’s difficult to imagine a more needed area of biomedical investigation than that of obesity/metabolism.

Dr. Christopher Leba: Hemphill-Gojer Award in Internal Medicine


Long before he started at UT Southwestern Medical School, Christopher Leba was saving lives.

Dr. Emily Marquez: Eliot Goldings Award in Rheumatology


Dr. Emily Marquez is the first member of her family to graduate not only from medical school, but from college as well.

Dr. Courtney Lane-Donovan: American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Prize for Excellence in Neurology


Dr. Courtney Lane-Donovan was captain of her high school robotics team and a Girl Scout through her senior year – roles that exemplified her passion for science and desire to help others.

Dr. Grayson Koval: MT ‘Pepper’ Jenkins Outstanding Medical Student Award in Anesthesiology and Pain Management


Dr. Grayson Jeffrey Koval’s lightbulb moment in high school occurred when he was on a mission trip to Brazil with his church. While there, he worked in the medical clinic.

Dr. Neda Mitkova Wick: Vernie A. Stembridge, M.D., Scholarship Award in Pathology


Two years before entering UT Southwestern Medical School, Dr. Neda Mitkova Wick became a research assistant in UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s Department of Pathology, giving her an insight into the field that few students get so early in their careers.