2017 Article Archive

These 5 tests better predict heart disease risk


Five simple medical tests together provide a broader and more accurate assessment of heart-disease risk than currently used methods, cardiologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center found.

Blood test unlocks new frontier in treating depression


Doctors for the first time can determine which medication is more likely to help a patient overcome depression, according to research that pushes the medical field beyond what has essentially been a guessing game of prescribing antidepressants.

Unraveling the mysteries behind America’s No. 1 cause of acute liver failure


Twenty years ago, the federal government funded the study of a condition quietly killing hundreds of Americans a year – acute liver failure, or ALF. The Acute Liver Failure Study Group’s research led to an understanding of acetaminophen poisoning.

A national effort to understand acute liver failure – two decades and 3,000 study participants later


A multicenter study on acute liver failure funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has increased understanding of this sometimes fatal condition since the research effort began 20 years ago, improving patient care and saving lives.

UTSW first in Texas to premiere latest Gamma Knife Icon technology


Patsy Whittenberg made the six-hour drive from the Texas Panhandle to UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas to take advantage of a first for Texas – the latest in Gamma Knife surgery – that better protects surrounding brain tissue and offers greater comfort without the need for head restraints.

UT Southwestern statement on UT System CLASE survey results


This afternoon, the Chancellor of The University of Texas System, William H. McRaven, announced the results of a Cultivating Learning and Safe Environments (CLASE) survey across 13 UT System institutions.

Recipe: Stuffed acorn squash


UT Southwestern’s Master of Clinical Nutrition student Jill Kuzniarek shares with us her famous stuffed acorn squash.

I’ll take ‘Cardiology fellows who won on Jeopardy’ for $500, Alex


The UTSW fellows soundly defeated other teams of top-notch cardiology fellows from 32 states to win the national title.

Scientists use parasite’s internal clock to attack sleeping sickness


The parasite that causes deadly sleeping sickness has its own biological clock that makes it more vulnerable to medications during the afternoon, according to international research that may help improve treatments for one of Africa’s most lethal diseases.

Lots of smiles and dreams made on Match Day


Match Day 2017 fell on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, adding an extra level of festivity to the air, and perhaps even some good luck to the annual residency program matching ceremony.