2017 Article Archive

Inactivity, excess weight linked to hard-to-treat heart failures


Lack of exercise and excessive weight are strongly associated with a type of heart failure that has a particularly poor prognosis, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers determined in an analysis of data from three large studies.

Dr. ‘Mickey’ LeMaistre: cancer investigator, UT System leader


Dr. Charles A. “Mickey” LeMaistre, a former UT Southwestern Medical School Associate Dean and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs whose pursuit of cancer prevention resulted in one of the most influential papers on lung cancer, died on Jan. 28. He was 92.

Three new Shine Academy members and its 2017 President named from UT Southwestern


Three Professors from UT Southwestern Medical Center have been named to the prestigious Kenneth I. Shine, M.D., Academy of Health Science Education – a University of Texas System organization that honors outstanding health science teachers – while a fourth began her one-year Presidency of the Academy this month after serving as President-Elect in 2016.

2017 Green Professor outlines advances in genetic research


Dr. Elizabeth M. McNally, Director of the Center for Genetic Medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, recently served as the 2017 Ida M. Green Distinguished Professorship Honoring Women in Science and Medicine.

A father’s heart attack transforms a daughter’s taxing life


Emily Pickett was just sitting down at home to a fast-food burger — a quick dinner after a full day at her job as a tax consultant. Then the call came.

BRCA gene plus breast cancer history leads to preventive strike against pancreatic cancer


More than three decades after surviving breast cancer, Susanne Calabrette faced a second scare. In June 2016, an MRI for an unrelated condition revealed she had pancreatic cysts, giving her a chance for a pre-emptive strike against this killer cancer.

Protein once thought exclusive to neurons helps aggressive cancers grow, spread, and defy death


How we think and fall in love are controlled by lightning-fast electrochemical signals across synapses, the dynamic spaces between nerve cells. Until now, nobody knew that cancer cells can repurpose tools of neuronal communication to fuel aggressive tumor growth and spread.

Recipe: White bean and tomato bruschetta salad


It's a twist on a popular Italian recipe, and it's chock-full of heart healthy ingredients.

New studies unravel mysteries of how PARP enzymes work


A component of an enzyme family linked to DNA repair, stress responses, and cancer also plays a role in enhancing or inhibiting major cellular activities under physiological conditions, new research shows.

Researchers develop potential treatment for fatal, incurable kidney disease


Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center, working with a California biotech firm, have developed a potential drug to treat polycystic kidney disease.