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2015 Article Archive

Pet care can help improve adolescents’ Type 1 diabetes management, pediatricians find


UT Southwestern Medical Center pediatric diabetes researchers found that incorporating routine pet care into a child’s diabetes self-care plan can significantly improve monitoring of the disease, resulting in lower blood glucose levels.

Karen J. Kowalske outstanding medical student in PM&R award


Like perhaps most medical students, Dr. Charles Taylor II began his matriculation at UT Southwestern Medical School with little insight as to what specialty he might be interested in. He just knew he had landed in the right place to pursue his dream.

Researchers find molecular mechanisms within fetal lungs that initiate labor


Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified two proteins in a fetus’ lungs responsible for initiating the labor process, providing potential new targets for preventing preterm birth.

Cell that replenishes heart muscle found by researchers


Regenerative medicine researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have identified a cell that replenishes adult heart muscle by using a new cell lineage-tracing technique they devised.

Class Notes - August 2015


Class Notes from the August 2015 edition of Center Times, UT Southwestern's official campus newspaper.

Exercise can help control blood glucose, and trim waist size and body fat in diabetics regardless of fitness gains


Diabetics who exercise can trim waist size and body fat, and control blood glucose, even if they don’t see cardiorespiratory benefits, new research by UT Southwestern Medical Center cardiologists shows.

Seldin receives national and state honors


Two esteemed medical organizations have honored Dr. Donald W. Seldin, Professor and Chairman Emeritus of Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center, for his illustrious career in medical education.

Researchers discover molecule that accelerates tissue regeneration after bone marrow transplants


A joint investigation including UT Southwestern Medical Center has found a molecule that may play a significant role in accelerating cell recovery following bone marrow transplants, liver disease, and colon disease.

Lyda Hill donates $25 million to establish Department of Bioinformatics


UT Southwestern Medical Center announced today that it has received an exceptional $25 million gift from Lyda Hill, funding the establishment of the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics to bridge research and clinical care.

Scientists find cellular mechanism for how the body regulates glucose transport


The researchers determined that an enzyme called Protein Kinase C (PKC) can regulate whether more or less glucose should be transported into cells, serving as a kind of thermostat to ensure that proper levels are maintained.