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2015 Article Archive

Mobile Cancer Survivor Clinic brings expertise to doorstep of underserved cancer survivors


UT Southwestern’s Moncrief Cancer Institute and Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center debuted the Mobile Cancer Survivor Clinic − a custom, fully equipped 18-wheeler that can deliver follow-up and screening services to cancer survivors.

New cancer treatments could evolve from research showing that acetate supplements speed up cancer growth


UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers seeking novel ways to combat cancer found that giving acetate, a major compound produced in the gut by host bacteria, to mice sped up the growth and metastasis of tumors.

MAGE genes provide insight into optimizing chemotherapy, cancer researchers find


UT Southwestern Medical Center scientists have identified a new biomarker that could help identify patients who are more likely to respond to certain chemotherapies.

UTSW holds large career fair on February 28


With the opening of the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital and unprecedented growth as the premier academic medical center in North Texas, UT Southwestern held a campus-wide career fair on Saturday, February 28.

Researchers find new mechanism that controls immune responses


UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have identified a common signaling mechanism to produce interferon − one of the main proteins used to signal the immune system when the body needs to defend itself against a virus, tumor, or other diseases.

UTSW receives key NCI funding to plan first U.S. Center for Heavy Ion Radiation Therapy Research


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the National Institutes of Health awarded UT Southwestern a $1 million planning grant to establish the country’s first National Center for Heavy Ion Radiation Therapy.

Study finds no reason for cancer survivors to be excluded in advanced stage lung cancer trials


The common practice of excluding patients with a prior cancer diagnosis from lung cancer clinical trials may not be justified, according to a study by researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Limit screen time for kids


Video games and television can be a handy “baby sitter” for parents and caregivers, so it is important to pay attention to how much time your kids are spending glued to a tube

Pap smear needed even with HPV vaccine


HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines that are often recommended to help prevent infections related to cervical and other cancers should not discourage women from also getting a Pap smear

Too little, too much calcium can pose competing risks


Women who take calcium supplements for bone health should get in the habit of reading labels on food and calcium supplements to ensure they do not get too little – or too much, UT Southwestern Medical Center mineral metabolism specialists warn.