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2015 Article Archive

Keep food in the safety zone this Super Bowl


Whether you’re grilling in the backyard or at a tailgate party, UT Southwestern Medical Center toxicologists say you can avoid food poisoning during this Super Bowl with a few cautionary steps.

Take a preventive game strategy on heartburn relief


Spicy, fatty, greasy food and excess alcohol may sound like a typical Super Bowl spread, but it’s also the recipe for heartburn.

Be on the defensive for acetaminophen buildup


When seeking quick pain relief, people should not overuse acetaminophen as a cure-all, UT Southwestern Medical Center liver disease experts warn.

Option plays for Super Bowl binging


You’ve made the pledge to lose weight, but the fast-food, calorie-laden Super Bowl party is approaching. UT Southwestern Medical Center nutritionists have some tips on how to stay on track in the face of party temptations.

Nutritional trade-offs for the Super Bowl


Making a healthier meal doesn’t always mean sacrifice. There are plenty of options for cutting calories as well as substitutes for some of the more high-calorie options.

Kidney transplant is a game-changer for NFL’s Dallas Cowboys’ timekeeper


Jim Ely tackles life like Mean Joe Greene tackled running backs. A banker, he also worked weekends as a football referee for 38 years and still, at age 83, works as home-game timekeeper for the Dallas Cowboys.

A quick guide to winter skin care


Winter months often bring in cold, harsh changes for skin and hair, but a few good habits can alleviate dryness as well as the discomfort of itchy skin.

Next presentation on February 5, 2015 to address ‘Art, Science, and Surgery’


Dr. Sumeet S. Teotia, a physician, plastic surgeon, classical artist, and medical illustrator, will present an analysis of the process of creating a beautiful drawing and compare that to his work as a plastic surgeon in his President’s Lecture Series.