Training & Teaching

Case and Lecture Presentations

GOG presentation, 2009

  • Diagnosis and Management of Type Ⅱ Endometrial Cancer 

Lectures at University of Ottawa, 2010

  • Endometrial Precancers and Carcinogenesis 
  • Portfolio of Gyn Pathology 

Lectures in China, 2010

  • Ovarian Epithelial Cancer: Grading, Carcinogenesis, and Clinical Implications 
  • Serous Borderline Tumor, Implants, and Low-Grade Cancers 

Lecture at Arizona Cancer Center, 2011

  • Does ovarian epithelial cancer arise from ovary?

Lecture at Arizona Pathology Society, 2012

  • Endometrial serous carcinomas without papillary structures: differential diagnosis and practical approaches 

CAP Short Course VM106, 2013

  • Endometrial Cancers and Precancers: Avoiding Diagnostic Pitfalls and Learning Recent Advances 

Presentation in Shanghai, China, 2014

  • Fallopian Tube: Under the Spotlight 

Presentation at Brown University - Women & Infants Hospital, 2014

  • The Second Mullerian System and Endosalpingoisis:The Legends of Lauchlan Continue 

Presentation at Journal Club, 2016

  • A Detailed Immunohistochemical Analysis of a Large Series of Cervical and Vaginal Gastric-type Adenocarcinomas