Training & Teaching

Gyn Pathology Fellowship

As a well-recognized gynecologic pathologist in the field, Dr. Zheng is willing to provide trainings in gynecologic pathology within UTSW Medical Center. The trainees will have opportunities to shadow or work with Dr. Zheng to learn almost every aspect of gynecologic pathology in the study period. These will include diagnostic skills through morphologic observations, differential diagnosis, biomarkers for diagnosis, therapeutics, and prognosis, updates and advances within the field, and more importantly to recognize the needed areas for further research within the field of gynecologic pathology. 

Dr. Zheng has successfully trained more than 10 gynecologic pathologists internationally in the past 16 years. The aim of this fellowship training is to help those pathologists who are interested in the specialty to become experts in their hospitals or local districts and reach to the national or even international levels.

A training period of one year or longer is preferred. Occasional exceptions for a shorter period may be offered.

Candidates who are interested in this program have to be motivated, with at least 5 years’ experience in surgical pathology, and self-funded. If you are strongly interested in this program, please submit the following documents to Dr. Zheng

  1. Formal application letter covering intended starting date, duration of stay at UTSW, and funding source. 
  2. Personal statement
  3. Two recommendation letters
  4. A copy of your passport