About Us

About Us

The Zheng Lab is dedicated to women’s health care. We specialize in gynecologic pathology, particularly in oncologic and hormone related pathology within the GYN Pathology field.

We are committed to providing the best possible service and the most updated medical information to medical school students, residents, general pathologists, GYN pathologists, GYN oncologists, and the general population.

Our mission is to further build a connection between pathology and gynecology, comprising of online resources ranging from etiology to early diagnosis and clinical management of some common diseases in women, with the attempts to:

  • Communicate with pathologists and gynecologists on those newly diagnosed entities in gynecologicpathology
  • Exchange ideas on etiologies of common women’s cancers
  • Educate medical students, residents, fellows, pathology, and gynecology colleagues to have a basic understanding of the related subjects
  • Provide specific information to women interested in hormone replacement therapy