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Class A Plexins Are Organized as Preformed Inactive Dimers on the Cell Surface.

Marita M, Wang Y, Kaliszewski MJ, Skinner KC, Comar WD, Shi X, Dasari P, Zhang X, Smith AW Biophys. J. 2015 Nov 109 9 1937-45

Disruption of Wnt/ß-Catenin Signaling and Telomeric Shortening Are Inextricable Consequences of Tankyrase Inhibition in Human Cells.

Kulak O, Chen H, Holohan B, Wu X, He H, Borek D, Otwinowski Z, Yamaguchi K, Garofalo LA, Ma Z, Wright W, Chen C, Shay JW, Zhang X, Lum L Mol. Cell. Biol. 2015 Jul 35 14 2425-35

Structural mechanisms of plexin signaling.

Pascoe HG, Wang Y, Zhang X Prog. Biophys. Mol. Biol. 2015 Mar

The Cytosolic DNA Sensor cGAS Forms an Oligomeric Complex with DNA and Undergoes Switch-like Conformational Changes in the Activation Loop.

Zhang X, Wu J, Du F, Xu H, Sun L, Chen Z, Brautigam CA, Zhang X, Chen ZJ Cell Rep 2014 Feb 6 3 421-30

Structural basis for the prion-like MAVS filaments in antiviral innate immunity.

Xu H, He X, Zheng H, Huang LJ, Hou F, Yu Z, de la Cruz MJ, Borkowski B, Zhang X, Chen ZJ, Jiang QX Elife 2014 3 e01489

Identification of beryllium-dependent peptides recognized by CD4+ T cells in chronic beryllium disease.

Falta MT, Pinilla C, Mack DG, Tinega AN, Crawford F, Giulianotti M, Santos R, Clayton GM, Wang Y, Zhang X, Maier LA, Marrack P, Kappler JW, Fontenot AP J. Exp. Med. 2013 Jun

Cyclic GMP-AMP Containing Mixed Phosphodiester Linkages Is An Endogenous High-Affinity Ligand for STING.

Zhang X, Shi H, Wu J, Zhang X, Sun L, Chen C, Chen ZJ Mol. Cell 2013 Jun

Structural Basis for Autoinhibition of the Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor FARP2.

He X, Kuo YC, Rosche TJ, Zhang X Structure 2013 Mar 21 3 355-64

Structural basis for activation and non-canonical catalysis of the Rap GTPase activating protein domain of plexin

Wang Y, Pascoe HG, Brautigam CA, He H, Zhang X. eLife 2013 2 e01279

Oncogenic mutations counteract intrinsic disorder in the EGFR kinase and promote receptor dimerization.

Shan Y, Eastwood MP, Zhang X, Kim ET, Arkhipov A, Dror RO, Jumper J, Kuriyan J, Shaw DE Cell 2012 May 149 4 860-70

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