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Structural and Functional Analyses of the FAM46C/Plk4 Complex.

Chen H, Lu D, Shang G, Gao G, Zhang X, Structure 2020 May

Cryo-EM structure of the PlexinC1/A39R complex reveals inter-domain interactions critical for ligand-induced activation.

Kuo YC, Chen H, Shang G, Uchikawa E, Tian H, Bai XC, Zhang X, Nat Commun 2020 04 11 1 1953

Cryo-EM analyses reveal the common mechanism and diversification in the activation of RET by different ligands.

Li J, Shang G, Chen YJ, Brautigam CA, Liou J, Zhang X, Bai XC, Elife 2019 Sep 8

Effector Specificity Mechanisms of Rab35 GTPase.

Kuo YC, Zhang X, Structure 2019 05 27 5 725-727

Structural basis of STING binding with and phosphorylation by TBK1.

Zhang C, Shang G, Gui X, Zhang X, Bai XC, Chen ZJ, Nature 2019 03 567 7748 394-398

Cryo-EM structures of STING reveal its mechanism of activation by cyclic GMP-AMP.

Shang G, Zhang C, Chen ZJ, Bai XC, Zhang X, Nature 2019 03 567 7748 389-393

Regulation of tankyrase activity by a catalytic domain dimer interface.

Fan C, Yarravarapu N, Chen H, Kulak O, Dasari P, Herbert J, Yamaguchi K, Lum L, Zhang X Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 2018 09 503 3 1780-1785

Structural analyses of FERM domain-mediated membrane localization of FARP1.

Kuo YC, He X, Coleman AJ, Chen YJ, Dasari P, Liou J, Biederer T, Zhang X Sci Rep 2018 Jul 8 1 10477

Extra-mitochondrial prosurvival BCL-2 proteins regulate gene transcription by inhibiting the SUFU tumour suppressor.

Wu X, Zhang LS, Toombs J, Kuo YC, Piazza JT, Tuladhar R, Barrett Q, Fan CW, Zhang X, Walensky LD, Kool M, Cheng SY, Brekken R, Opferman JT, Green DR, Moldoveanu T, Lum L Nat. Cell Biol. 2017 Oct 19 10 1226-1236

Multiple truncated isoforms of MAVS prevent its spontaneous aggregation in antiviral innate immune signalling.

Qi N, Shi Y, Zhang R, Zhu W, Yuan B, Li X, Wang C, Zhang X, Hou F Nat Commun 2017 Jun 8 15676

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