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Inflammatory Proteomic Network Analysis of Statin-treated and Lipopolysaccharide-activated Macrophages

Kamal AHM, Chakrabarty JK, Udden SMN, Zaki MH, Chowdhury SM Scientific Reports 2018 164 8

The Inflammasome: Regulation of Nitric Oxide and Antimicrobial Host Defense

Rajalakshmi A. Ramachandran, Christopher Lupfer and Hasan Zaki Advances in Microbial Physiology 2018 In press

Changes in the Dielectric Spectra of Murine Colon During Neoplastic Progression

Ahmet C. Sabuncu, Jeanne Shen, Md. Hasan Zaki, Ali Beskok Biomed. Phys. Eng. Express 2018

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