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General Anaesthesia Shifts the Murine Circadian Clock in a Time-Dependant Fashion.

Ludin NM, Orts-Sebastian A, Cheeseman JF, Chong J, Merry AF, Cumin D, Yamazaki S, Pawley MDM, Warman GR, Clocks Sleep 2021 Jan 3 1 87-97

The Mysterious Food-Entrainable Oscillator: Insights from Mutant and Engineered Mouse Models.

Pendergast JS, Yamazaki S J. Biol. Rhythms 2018 Jul 748730418789043

mPeriod2 (Brdm1) and other single Period mutant mice have normal food anticipatory activity.

Pendergast JS, Wendroth RH, Stenner RC, Keil CD, Yamazaki S Sci Rep 2017 Nov 7 1 15510

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