Mucin-1 is secreted in the urine and kidney stone formers have lower urinary Mucin-1 protein

We study the effects of urinary Uromodulin and Mucin-1 on renal calcium absorption and the effect on calcium-containing kidney stone formation by modifying the calcium channel TRPV5.


Urinary Uromodulin modifies tubular magnesium transport

We investigate the effects of urinary Uromodulin and Mucin-1 on renal magnesium homeostasis and the consequences on metabolic disorders.


HTS assay identifies small molecules to increase mutant Uromodulin secretion

We developed a cell-culture based HTS assay which allows us to find new targeted therapies to enhance secretion of mutant Uromodulin and ameliorate apoptosis is cells expressing mutant Uromodulin.


Our research focuses on the roles of urinary proteins Uromodulin and Mucin-1 in health and disease. We study the physiological roles of both proteins on metabolism and nephrolithiasis, and develop new state-of-the-art therapies to treat autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease (ADTKD) caused by Uromodulin mutations.

Graduate Programs

As part of the Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Program and the Molecular Metabolism & Metabolic Diseases (3MD) track we train students to address exciting questions in basic and translational research regarding the kidney and metabolism.


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Matthias TF Wolf
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Office: G3.254
Phone: 214-648-3438