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The Abl-1 kinase is dispensable for NK cell inhibitory signaling and is not involved in murine NK cell education.

Ganesan S, Thanh TL, Kadri N, Chambers BJ, Meinke S, Brodin P, Vivier E, Wetzel DM, Koleske AJ, Höglund P Scand. J. Immunol. 2017 Jun

The Src kinases Hck, Fgr, and Lyn activate Abl2/Arg to facilitate IgG-mediated phagocytosis and Leishmania infection.

Wetzel DM, Rhodes EL, Li S, McMahon-Pratt D, Koleske AJ J. Cell. Sci. 2016 Jun

The Abl and Arg kinases mediate distinct modes of phagocytosis and are required for maximal Leishmania infection.

Wetzel DM, McMahon-Pratt D, Koleske AJ Mol. Cell. Biol. 2012 Aug 32 15 3176-86

Staphylococcus aureus activates type I IFN signaling in mice and humans through the Xr repeated sequences of protein A.

Martin FJ, Gomez MI, Wetzel DM, Memmi G, O'Seaghdha M, Soong G, Schindler C, Prince A J. Clin. Invest. 2009 Jul 119 7 1931-9

Gliding motility leads to active cellular invasion by Cryptosporidium parvum sporozoites.

Wetzel DM, Schmidt J, Kuhlenschmidt MS, Dubey JP, Sibley LD Infect. Immun. 2005 Sep 73 9 5379-87

Evidence that the cADPR signalling pathway controls calcium-mediated microneme secretion in Toxoplasma gondii.

Chini EN, Nagamune K, Wetzel DM, Sibley LD Biochem. J. 2005 Jul 389 Pt 2 269-77

Calcium-mediated protein secretion potentiates motility in Toxoplasma gondii.

Wetzel DM, Chen LA, Ruiz FA, Moreno SN, Sibley LD J. Cell. Sci. 2004 Nov 117 Pt 24 5739-48

Actin filament polymerization regulates gliding motility by apicomplexan parasites.

Wetzel DM, HÃ¥kansson S, Hu K, Roos D, Sibley LD Mol. Biol. Cell 2003 Feb 14 2 396-406

Role of dynactin in endocytic traffic: effects of dynamitin overexpression and colocalization with CLIP-170.

Valetti C, Wetzel DM, Schrader M, Hasbani MJ, Gill SR, Kreis TE, Schroer TA Mol. Biol. Cell 1999 Dec 10 12 4107-20

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