Welcome to the Welch Lab

The lab has a primary interest in developing materials and medical devices for use in treatment of congenital heart disease. Most medical devices for pediatrics are derived from devices developed for adult patients. Congential heart disease patients in general require the use of bioresorbable materials because they degrade in the body as the patient grows.

The Welch lab has made advances in treatment of aortic coarctation, pulmonary artery stenosis, and tracheomalacia in pig models using bioresorbable stent technology. Limitations on bioresorbable materials used in adult and congenital heart disease has led my lab to developed a new class of radiopaque bioresorbable polymers. This new class of bioresorbable materials has sparked interest with other collaborators, including coating applications for drug delivery carriers for cancer treatment, theranostic nanoparticle treatment, and composite coating systems for multidrug delivery. Structural applications of these polymers may be used for bioresorbable conduits, IVC filters, heart valves, heart patches, and skin grafts. My lab has interest in translating medical devices to fulfill “unmet clinical needs” by combining the use of experimental and in-silico computational simulation.