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Scatter correction for cone-beam computed tomography using moving blocker strips: a preliminary study.

Wang J, Mao W, Solberg T Med Phys 2010 Nov 37 11 5792-800

Compressed sensing based cone-beam computed tomography reconstruction with a first-order method.

Choi K, Wang J, Zhu L, Suh TS, Boyd S, Xing L Med Phys 2010 Sep 37 9 5113-25

A patient set-up protocol based on partially blocked cone-beam CT.

Zhu L, Wang J, Xie Y, Starman J, Fahrig R, Xing L Technol. Cancer Res. Treat. 2010 Apr 9 2 191-8

A binary image reconstruction technique for accurate determination of the shape and location of metal objects in x-ray computed tomography.

Wang J, Xing L J Xray Sci Technol 2010 18 4 403-14

Recent development of low-dose cone-beam computed tomography

J. Wang, H. Lu, Z. Liang and L. Xing Current Medical Imaging Reviews 2010 6 72-81

Noise reduction in low-dose x-ray fluoroscopy for image-guided radiation therapy.

Wang J, Zhu L, Xing L Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 2009 Jun 74 2 637-43

Scatter correction for cone-beam CT in radiation therapy.

Zhu L, Xie Y, Wang J, Xing L Med Phys 2009 Jun 36 6 2258-68

Noise suppression in scatter correction for cone-beam CT.

Zhu L, Wang J, Xing L Med Phys 2009 Mar 36 3 741-52

Iterative image reconstruction for CBCT using edge-preserving prior.

Wang J, Li T, Xing L Med Phys 2009 Jan 36 1 252-60

Virtual Colonoscopy Screening with Ultra Low-Dose CT and Less-Stressful Bowel Preparation: A computer simulation study.

Wang J, Wang S, Li L, Fan Y, Lu H, Liang Z IEEE Trans Nucl Sci 2008 Oct 55 5 2566-2575

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