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Low-mAs X-ray CT image reconstruction by adaptive-weighted TV-constrained penalized re-weighted least-squares.

Liu Y, Ma J, Zhang H, Wang J, Liang Z J Xray Sci Technol 2014 22 4 437-57

A contour-guided deformable image registration algorithm for adaptive radiotherapy.

Gu X, Dong B, Wang J, Yordy J, Mell L, Jia X, Jiang SB Phys Med Biol 2013 Feb 58 6 1889-1901

High-quality four-dimensional cone-beam CT by deforming prior images.

Wang J, Gu X Phys Med Biol 2013 Jan 58 2 231-46

Noise suppression in reconstruction of low-Z target megavoltage cone-beam CT images.

Wang J, Robar J, Guan H Med Phys 2012 Aug 39 8 5111-7

Noise reduction in low-dose cone beam CT by incorporating prior volumetric image information.

Ouyang L, Solberg T, Wang J Med Phys 2012 May 39 5 2569-77

A Novel Markerless Technique to Evaluate Daily Lung Tumor Motion Based on Conventional Cone-Beam CT Projection Data.

Yang Y, Zhong Z, Guo X, Wang J, Anderson J, Solberg T, Mao W Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 2012 Apr 82 5 e749-56

Effects of the penalty on the penalized weighted least-squares image reconstruction for low-dose CBCT.

Ouyang L, Solberg T, Wang J Phys Med Biol 2011 Sep 56 17 5535-52

Inverse determination of the penalty parameter in penalized weighted least-squares algorithm for noise reduction of low-dose CBCT.

Wang J, Guan H, Solberg T Med Phys 2011 Jul 38 7 4066-72

Metal artifact reduction in x-ray computed tomography (CT) by constrained optimization.

Zhang X, Wang J, Xing L Med Phys 2011 Feb 38 2 701-11

Sinogram preprocessing and binary reconstruction for determination of the shape and location of metal objects in computed tomography (CT).

Meng B, Wang J, Xing L Med Phys 2010 Nov 37 11 5867-75

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