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Predicting lung nodule malignancies by combining deep convolutional neural network and handcrafted features.

Li S, Xu P, Li B, Chen L, Zhou Z, Hao H, Duan Y, Folkert MR, Ma J, Huang S, Jiang SB, Wang J, Phys Med Biol 2019 Jul

Enhancing liver tumor localization accuracy by prior-knowledge-guided motion modeling and a biomechanical model.

Zhang Y, Folkert MR, Huang X, Ren L, Meyer J, Tehrani JN, Reynolds R, Wang J, Quant Imaging Med Surg 2019 Jul 9 7 1337-1349

Dosimetric evaluation of 4D-CBCT reconstructed by Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction (SMEIR) for carbon ion therapy of lung cancer.

Shrestha D, Tsai MY, Qin N, Zhang Y, Jia X, Wang J, Med Phys 2019 Jul

Generating synthesized computed tomography (CT) from cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) using CycleGAN for adaptive radiation therapy.

Liang X, Chen L, Nguyen D, Zhou Z, Gu X, Yang M, Wang J, Jiang SB, Phys Med Biol 2019 May

Automatic PET cervical tumor segmentation by combining deep learning and anatomic prior.

Chen L, Shen C, Zhou Z, Maquilan G, Albuquerque K, Folkert MR, Wang J Phys Med Biol 2019 Feb

Combining many-objective radiomics and 3-dimensional convolutional neural network through evidential reasoning to predict lymph node metastasis in head and neck cancer.

Chen L, Zhou Z, Sher D, Zhang Q, Shah J, Pham NL, Jiang SB, Wang J Phys Med Biol 2019 Feb

Multi-objective based radiomic feature selection for lesion malignancy classification.

Zhou Z, Li S, Qin G, Folkert M, Jiang S, Wang J, IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2019 Feb

Technical Note: Deriving ventilation imaging from 4DCT by deep convolutional neural network.

Zhong Y, Vinogradskiy Y, Chen L, Myziuk N, Castillo R, Castillo E, Guerrero T, Jiang S, Wang J Med Phys 2019 Feb

Structure tensor total variation for CBCT reconstruction.

Tan X, Xiang K, Liu L, Wang J, Tan S J Xray Sci Technol 2019 Feb

4D liver tumor localization using cone-beam projections and a biomechanical model.

Zhang Y, Folkert MR, Li B, Huang X, Meyer JJ, Chiu T, Lee P, Tehrani JN, Cai J, Parsons D, Jia X, Wang J Radiother Oncol 2018 Nov

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