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Data correlation based noise level estimation for cone beam projection data.

Bai T, Yan H, Ouyang L, Staub D, Wang J, Jia X, Jiang SB, Mou X J Xray Sci Technol 2017 Jul

Multi-objective radiomics model for predicting distant failure in lung SBRT.

Zhou Z, Folkert M, Iyengar P, Westover K, Zhang Y, Choy H, Timmerman R, Jiang S, Wang J Phys Med Biol 2017 Jun 62 11 4460-4478

A new CT reconstruction technique using adaptive deformation recovery and intensity correction (ADRIC).

Zhang Y, Ma J, Iyengar P, Zhong Y, Wang J Med Phys 2017 Apr

Applications of nonlocal means algorithm in low-dose X-ray CT image processing and reconstruction: A review.

Zhang H, Zeng D, Zhang H, Wang J, Liang Z, Ma J Med Phys 2017 Mar 44 3 1168-1185

Attenuation correction in 4D-PET using a single-phase attenuation map and rigidity-adaptive deformable registration.

Kalantari F, Wang J Med Phys 2017 Feb 44 2 522-532

A Biomechanical Modeling Guided CBCT Estimation Technique.

Zhang Y, Tehrani JN, Wang J IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2017 Feb 36 2 641-652

Lung surface deformation prediction from spirometry measurement and chest wall surface motion.

Nasehi Tehrani J, McEwan A, Wang J Med Phys 2016 Oct 43 10 5493

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