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Improvement of homonuclear dipolar decoupling sequences in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance utilising radiofrequency imperfections.

Bosman L, Madhu PK, Vega S, Vinogradov E J. Magn. Reson. 2004 Jul 169 1 39-48

Multiple-pulse and magic-angle spinning aided double-quantum proton solid-state NMR spectroscopy

Madhu PK, Vinogradov E, Goobes G, Vega S Chem Phys Lett 2004 394 423-428

Selective polarization inversion of protons in rotating solids.

Goobes G, Vinogradov E, Vega S J. Magn. Reson. 2003 Mar 161 1 56-63

Multiple-Spin Effects in Fast Magic Angle Spinning Lee-Goldburg Cross-Polarization Experiments in Uniformly Labeled Compounds

Ladizhansky V, Vinogradov E, van Rossum B-H, de Groot HJM, Vega S J Chem Phys 2003 118 5547-5557

Proton Spectroscopy in Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Windowed Phase Modulated Lee Goldburg Decoupling Sequences

Vinogradov E, Madhu PK, Vega S Chem Phys Lett 2002 354 3,4 193-202

Phase Modulated Lee-Goldburg Magic Angle Spinning Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments in the Solid State: A Bimodal Floquet Theoretical Treatment

Vinogradov E, Madhu PK, Vega S J Chem Phys 2001 115 19 8983-9000

A Bimodal Floquet Analysis of Phase Modulated Lee-Goldburg High Resolution Proton Magic Angle Spinning NMR Experiments

Vinogradov E, Madhu PK, Vega S Chem Phys Lett 2000 329 3,4 207-214

High-Resolution Proton Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy by Phase-Modulated Lee-Goldburg Experiment

Vinogradov E, Madhu PK, Vega S Chem Phys Lett 1999 314 5,6 443-450

Proton MAS NMR spectra at high magnetic fields and high spinning frequencies: spectral simulations using floquet theory.

Ray S, Vinogradov E, Boender GJ, Vega S J. Magn. Reson. 1998 Dec 135 2 418-26

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