Research Interests

Nutrition and exercise intervention to reduce cardiovascular risk factors; weight loss and maintenance in bariatric surgery patients; role of nutrition and exercise in cardiovascular risk factors; influence of the eating environment on energy intake.


New Research May Lead to Long-Term Weight-Loss Solutions for Morbidly Obese

TCU Harris College Magazine (Summer, 2011) highlighted Dr. Meena Shah for her work with obesity and weight-related health problems. These problems are on the rise in the United States, and according to the National Institutes of Health, traditional weight-loss strategies, such as diet and medical therapy, aren’t effective long-term for the morbidly obese--those with a body mass index or BMI of 40 kg/m2 or more. But new research by Meena Shah, MD,  Professor of Kinesiology indicates a potential strategy for long-term weight loss in these individuals. 

Harris College recognized this bariatric/obesity work based on her recently published peer-reviewed manuscript entitled, High Volume Exercise Program in Obese Bariatric Surgery Patients: A Randomized, Controlled TrialObesity (2011), 19, 1826-1832.

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate: Nutrition and Physical Activity, Study of Human Disease, Health and Wellness Concepts, Health and Stress Management

Graduate: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Disease, Obesity

Educational Background

PhD in Nutrition, London University
London, England

BSc Robert Gordon's Institute of Technology
Nutrition and Dietetics
Aberdeen, Scotland