About Us

About Us

Steven Shabel, Ph.D.

Steve Shabel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Steve grew up in the San Francisco Bay area playing tennis and basketball. He received his bachelor's degree in biology from the University of California San Diego and Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of California San Francisco, where he worked with Patricia Janak. For his postdoctoral work, he returned to UCSD, where he worked with Roberto Malinow. Steve started the lab in the Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern in 2017.





Amy Loriaux, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher

Amy received her bachelor's degree in psychology from a small liberal arts, where she received many awards and graduated magna cum laude. She received her Ph.D. in psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago, where she worked with Dr. Roitman and learned in vivo extracellular neuronal recording. Her first post-doctoral position was in the lab of Dr. Neisewander’s at Arizona State University, where she learned cocaine self-administration in rats and studied the role of dopamine in mediating relapse. She then went on to the University of Texas  Southwestern Medical Center and joined the lab of Dr. Self, where she learned optogenetic techniques to target pathways believed to be involved in both addiction and mood. Finally, she moved within the same department to the lab of Dr. Shabel in 2017 for a third post-doctoral position to study the role of GABAergic transmission in depression.


Natalia Rodriguez-Sosa, B.S.
Graduate Student 

Natalia is a first year graduate student from the Neuroscience program. She grew up in Puerto Rico and completed a bachelor degree in Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan. During undergrad she was a MARC fellow and had the opportunity to be part of summer internship cohorts at the University of Minnesota, UTHSCSA and Stanford. Currently she continues to shape her professional career as a scientist and desires to be involved in outreach and community service activities. Also she is learning how to endure the cold weather as she is a tropical island girl.



Lupita Rios, B.S.
Lab Technician

Lupita received her bachelor's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University in Providence, RI. She has spent several summers conducting research at UTSW through the STARS and SURF programs. She joined the Shabel Lab in 2017, and is planning to attend graduate school to obtain her Ph.D. in Neuroscience. In her free time, Lupita enjoys blogging about science, weightlifting, and ​reviewing restaurants around Dallas.