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Emergence of context-associated GluR(1) and ERK phosphorylation in the nucleus accumbens core during withdrawal from cocaine self-administration.

Edwards S, Bachtell RK, Guzman D, Whisler KN, Self DW Addict Biol 2011 Jul 16 3 450-7

Striatal signal transduction and drug addiction.

Philibin SD, Hernandez A, Self DW, Bibb JA Front Neuroanat 2011 5 60

Striatal regulation of ?FosB, FosB, and cFos during cocaine self-administration and withdrawal.

Larson EB, Akkentli F, Edwards S, Graham DL, Simmons DL, Alibhai IN, Nestler EJ, Self DW J. Neurochem. 2010 Oct 115 1 112-22

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