Current Lab Members


Vural Tagal

Vural Tagal, Ph.D.

The SWI/SNF complex is a master regulator of gene expression, affecting at least 10 percent of the transcriptome. Because of its crucial role in controlling cell cycle, development, differentiation, and transcription, the SWI/SNF complex components function as tumor suppressor genes (TSGs). For that reason, not surprisingly, the ATPases BRM and BRG1 are frequently down regulated in many cancers and mutations of BRG1 are frequently present in lung cancer cell lines.

To identify BRG1-inactivating mutation-related targetable gene products, we developed and applied a high throughput cell-based one-well/one-gene screening platform with a genome-wide synthetic library of chemically synthesized small interfering RNAs. Using this approach, we have identified a set of molecular targets frequently present in lung cancer cells whose loss leads to increased sensitivity to certain classes of cytotoxic or targeted cancer therapy.

Iryna Zubovych

Iryna Zubovych, M.S.

I am looking for vulnerabilities of cancer cells compared to normal cells isolated from the same patient, trying to identify molecular markers/targets to selectively kill cancer cells. I am also a lab manager.