The Raj Laboratory welcomes new members and congratulates Dr. Yin

The Raj laboratory welcomes Eliot Blatt, a graduate student in the Cancer Biology program. Eliot is from Austin, Texas and did his undergraduate at Rhodes College. Welcome Eliot!

The Raj laboratory also welcomes Dede Ekoue, a first-year postdoctoral fellow. Dede is a native of Chicago and joins us after having completed her graduate work in the laboratory of Dr. Alan Diamond in prostate and breast cancer at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Bienvenidos a Dallas, Dede!

The Raj laboratory is pleased to announce the newest member of the growing lab, Albert Guo, son of Dr. Lu Miao. Lu and Albert are doing great and enjoying their time together. Albert already appears to have a strong pipetting thumb!

Finally, congratulations are in order for Dr. Yi Yin for his promotion to Research Assistant Professor effective September 1, 2017! Drinks on Yi at the next Raj laboratory dinner at Osaka!