Three lab investigators receive research funding

Assistant Instructor Yi Yin, Ph.D.,  has secured peer-reviewed funding from the Department of Defense Hypothesis Exploration Award (2015-2016) for work on Role of alternative spliced androgen receptor in the radiation response of prostate cancer.

Postdoctoral Fellow ShiHong Ma, Ph.D., received the AUA 2015 Urology Care Foundation Research Scholars Program (2015-2016) for her work on Development of QevOS, a novel quantitative model system for prostate cancer bone metastases.

Postdoctoral Fellow Lu Miao, PhD., received the Department of Defense Post-doctoral training award (2015-2018) for her work on Disruption of the interaction of the Androgen receptor with chromatin: a novel therapeutic approach in prostate cancer.

Congratulations to Dr. Yin, Dr. Ma, and Dr. Miao!