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Meet the PI

Dr. Ganesh
Ganesh V. Raj, M.D., Ph.D.


Ganesh V. Raj, M.D., Ph.D., is a Professor of Urology and a fellowship-trained urologic oncologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He was trained in molecular biology, endocrinology, oncology, and has significant experience in thepreclinical endocrine agents for human hormonal malignancies.

Dr. Raj is a funded cancer investigator with an active clinical practice. His basic science research focuses on translational strategies against steroid hormonal receptors. His laboratory is actively characterizing molecular signaling pathways involving the androgen receptor in prostate cancer.

Dr. Raj is passionate about his patients, his research, and his family. The laboratory's focus is primarily translational, tempered  with an overwhelming desire for drug design and development to improve the lives of people with hormonally dependent cancers.

Targeting Nuclear Receptors 

In collaboration with Jung-Mo Ahn, Ph.D., of UT Dallas, Dr. Raj pioneered and developed several peptidomimetics, protein-like compounds that target the interaction of nuclear receptors with their coregulators. These peptidomimetics have been licensed by a pharmaceutical company and are being evaluated for clinical trials.

Clinically Relevant Specimens

With Wayne Tilley, Ph.D., of the University of Adelaide in Australia, Dr. Raj has developed a novel ex vivo culture method for evaluating primary cancer tissues. This approach enables study of biologically relevant pathways in clinically relevant specimens.  The ex vivo culture method remain a significant focus of our research, and we are validating it in multiple tumor types (including breast, kidney, lung and prostate).