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Feasibility of 3D black-blood variable refocusing angle fast spin echo cardiovascular magnetic resonance for visualization of the whole heart and great vessels in congenital heart disease.

Henningsson M, Zahr RA, Dyer A, Greil GF, Burkhardt B, Tandon A, Hussain T J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2018 11 20 1 76

Dual-phase whole-heart imaging using image navigation in congenital heart disease.

Moyé DM, Hussain T, Botnar RM, Tandon A, Greil GF, Dyer AK, Henningsson M BMC Med Imaging 2018 Oct 18 1 36

Exploring kinetic energy as a new marker of cardiac function in the single ventricle circulation.

Wong J, Chabiniok R, Tibby SM, Pushparajah K, Sammut E, Celermajer D, Giese D, Hussain T, Greil GF, Schaeffter T, Razavi R J. Appl. Physiol. 2018 Sep 125 3 889-900

The importance of qualitative and quantitative regional wall motion abnormality assessment at rest in pediatric coronary allograft vasculopathy.

Dedieu N, Silva Vieira M, Fenton M, Wong J, Botnar R, Burch M, Greil G, Hussain T Pediatr Transplant 2018 08 22 5 e13208

Arterial stiffening is a heritable trait associated with arterial dilation but not wall thickening: a longitudinal study in the twins UK cohort.

Cecelja M, Jiang B, Keehn L, Hussain T, Silva Vieira M, Phinikaridou A, Greil G, Spector TD, Chowienczyk P Eur. Heart J. 2018 Jun 39 24 2282-2288

Improved coronary magnetic resonance angiography using gadobenate dimeglumine in pediatric congenital heart disease.

Silva Vieira M, Henningsson M, Dedieu N, Vassiliou VS, Bell A, Mathur S, Pushparajah K, Figueroa CA, Hussain T, Botnar R, Greil GF Magn Reson Imaging 2018 06 49 47-54

Rationalising the use of cardiac catheterisation before Glenn completion.

James L, Tandon A, Nugent A, Malik S, Ramaciotti C, Greil G, Zabala L, Forbess J, Hussain T Cardiol Young 2018 Mar 1-6

Ventricular function and vascular dimensions after Norwood and hybrid palliation of hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Latus H, Nassar MS, Wong J, Hachmann P, Bellsham-Revell H, Hussain T, Apitz C, Salih C, Austin C, Anderson D, Yerebakan C, Akintuerk H, Bauer J, Razavi R, Schranz D, Greil G Heart 2017 Jul

Erratum to: Influence of acquired obesity on coronary vessel wall late gadolinium enhancement in discordant monozygote twins.

Makowski MR, Jansen CHP, Ebersberger U, Schaeffter T, Razavi R, Mangino M, Spector TD, Botnar RM, Greil GF Eur Radiol 2017 Jul

Pressure-volume loop-derived cardiac indices during dobutamine stress: a step towards understanding limitations in cardiac output in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Wong J, Pushparajah K, de Vecchi A, Ruijsink B, Greil GF, Hussain T, Razavi R Int. J. Cardiol. 2017 Mar 230 439-446

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