Principal Investigator

Jae Mo Park

Jae Mo Park, Ph.D.

  • Academic Appointments
    • Assistant Professor, Advanced Imaging Research Center, UT Southwestern
    • Assistant Professor, Radiology, UT Southwestern
    • Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (affiliated), UT Dallas
  • Contacts
  • Dr. Park received all of his degrees in Electrical Engineering. His doctoral work at Stanford University was focused on technical developments of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) with application to preclinical glioma brain tumor metabolism. Following completion of his Ph.D. in 2012, he broadened his research into advanced biomedical imaging as a postdoctoral research fellow and a research associate in the Department of Radiology at Stanford School of Medicine. He moved to the Advanced Imaging Research Center at the UT Southwestern in 2016 as an Assistant Professor. He also joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT Dallas in 2017.


Lab Members
Jun Chen

Jun Chen, Ph.D.

  • Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Contact:
  • Dr. Chen graduated with a BA in Biomedical Sciences from Imperial College London in 2011. Afterwards, she obtained her PhD from Department of Biochemistry of UT Southwestern in 2017 where she researched how TORC1 regulates nitrogenic cataplerotic metabolism in response to amino acid starvation. She is interested in developing new probes for assessing hepatic metabolism and exploring the pathophysiological metabolism in cancer using 13C/15N-labeled MR imaging and spectroscopy.
 Junjie Ma

Junjie Ma, B.S.

  • Title: PhD Student (Biomedical and Molecular Imaging track in BME program)
  • Contact: 
  • Junjie Ma received BS in Applied Chemistry from Beihang University. His research interests include development of fast MR spectroscopic imaging pulse sequences and novel image reconstruction methods. In his free time, he goes to the gym and play tennis.
 Galen Reed

Galen Reed, Ph.D.

  • Title: Senior Scientist (GE Healthcare)
  • Contact:
  • Dr. Reed is a research scientist from GE Healthcare. He focuses on the technical development, scientific analysis, and clinical translation of hyperpolarized 13C MRI contrast agents. Prior to his position at GE, he obtained his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from UC San Francisco, and worked for over 3 years at HeartVista, a startup company developing a real-time scan control system dedicated to cardiac imaging.
 Richard Martin

Richard Martin, B.S.

  • Title: Biomedical Engineer
  • Contact:
  • Richard is a biomedical engineering specialist with years of experience in biomedical instrumentation, electro-mechanical design fabrication, systems integration, and equipment evaluation. After working as a telecom engineer at MCI/WORLDCOM and a senior engineering technician at Texas Instruments, he joined the Advanced Imaging Research Center in 2008. He maintains NMR and MRI equipment, and develops hardware such as MR RF coils. He is also responsible for new AIRC facility installations, including interfacing with vendors, planners to ensure compliance with plumbing, electrical & HVAC to meet specific requirements, for example clinical MRI, DNP polarizers, and NMR systems.
 Eul Hyun Suh

Eul Hyun (Christine) Suh, Ph.D.

  • Title: Postdoctoral Fellow – PI: A. Dean Sherry
  • Contact: 
  • Dr. Suh received her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from UT Southwestern. She is interested in developing 13C, 15N-labeled compound as hyperpolarized MR probe that can be used as a tracer in in vivo real time metabolism study. She has been working with Dr. Park to investigate branched-chain amino acids metabolism in glioma.
 Pranav Matthews

Pranav Mathews

  • Title: Undergraduate Student
  • Contact:
  • Pranav is currently working toward a B.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas (Expected 2021). His current work in the lab is to implement compressive sensing techniques to speed up MRI acquisition. After graduating he plans to enroll in a PhD program. In his free time, Pranav plays tennis and goes camping.
Maheen Zaidi

Maheen Zaidi

  • Title: Undergraduate Student
  • Contact:
  • Maheen studies at The University of Texas at Dallas, majoring in Psychology, minoring in Neurobiology. She is on the pre-medical track. She is assisting brain imaging research under the supervision of Dr. Jae Mo Park. Her current work involves brain imaging analysis using Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) to investigate the relationship between metabolic activation and BOLD fMRI in the brain. Maheen is also involved in exploring the clinical applications of the novel noninvasive molecular imaging tools that are being developed in the lab.

Edward P. Hackett

  • January 2017 - July 2020
  • Current position: Medical College of Wisconsin