“The immunobiology of corneal allografts”

R01 EY07641-25A1
Niederkorn (PI)

This project focuses on the immunobiology of corneal allografts.  The immunological studies are directed at analyzing and immunodominant histocompatibility antigens responsible for eliciting corneal graft rejection.

“Immunological modulation of ocular tumor metastases”

R01 CA30276-31A1
Niederkorn (PI)

This project deals entirely with the role of the immune system and tumor suppressor genes in metastasis of intraocular neoplasms.

“Transplant and tumor rejection processes within the eye”

R01 EY05631-28A1
Niederkorn (PI)

This project deals with the immunoregulatory mechanisms that are responsible for the immunological privilege of the anterior chamber.

Core Grant for Vision Research

Niederkorn (PI)
09/01/2011 08/31/2016

The goal of this project is to establish and maintain core facilities for cell culture, biochemistry, and high-resolution imaging to support vision researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center.